Introductory Message AD Requirement
 - 100K max file size
 - 12-15 seconds max
 - Due 10 days prior to run.
 - SWF MUST contain code below

Specific Specs for Introductory Messages (these don't apply to other ads)

 - No Interactivity or Buttons in intro Messages

Required files for submissions:

 - 760x400 SWF file
 - FLA file  
 - fonts used (PC format preferred)
 - landing URL

Download a Template:
intro_template.fla (Early Version)
intro_template_cs55.fla (Version 5.5)

Required CODE:
The last frame should have a "stop" action in it.

Here is the code:

Scottrade IRA

*Before send in the Flash file, please make sure you convert all text to graphic.
In Flash, Select the text -> Modify ->Break Apart