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Richmedia ADs

Name Dimension Size(k) Sample Format
Free Form
600x250 <=50 CA Lottery; Disney; JCPenny; McDonald's swf*
iCast (4:3) 4:3 <=500 Toyota; State Farm; Xoom avi, mpeg, mov
Intro AD
760x400 <=100 Lowe's; Wells Fargo swf*
900x40 (small)
<=100 Wells Fargo; StateFarm swf*
Floating 120x60 <=10 Scottrade gif, swf*
Peel AD 380x380 <=50 New York Life; Chevy swf*
Sync Banner
815x407 (expanded)
<=30 Asian Art Museum swf*
Sync Banner
815x1017 (expanded)
<=30 StateFarm swf*
Wallpaper 1550x800 <=80 Total Reward; SK-II gif, jpg
Flipping Billboard 125x90 (News, Finance) <=50 SogoTrade; Scottrade jpg
Video Rectangle 300x250 <=500 McDonald's; Metlife avi, mpeg, mov

* Click to see detail information for making Flash SWF file.

Sina US Download Flash SWF file instruction

Sina US Download sample .fla templates for common ad sizes

*Before send in the Flash file, please make sure you convert all text to graphic.
In Flash, Select the text -> Modify ->Break Apart
Sina Mediakit