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SINA China

SINA C.N. offers more than 30 content channels as well as various community-building services. Followings are our major content channels and online service offerings:

Content channels:

  • News - SINA's editorial team compiles news fed from agency worldwide, as well as Xinhua News Agency and CCTV
  • Sport -Up to the minute scores and news
  • Entertainment - Entertainment news worldwide
  • Technology - IT products news downloads and reviews
  • Finanace- Market news, stock quote and commentary
  • Search - Offers search by subjects or directory tree
  • Auto - Car reviews, pricing guide and latest industry news
  • Real Estate - Real estate news and discussion forum
  • Game - Latest games information
  • Ladies - Co-produced with L'Oreal

Service offerings:

  • SinaMail - Free email service with 9MB mail box
  • SIna Instant Messenger -Instant messenger service
  • SinaChat / Sina Forum - Bulletin board service
  • SinaDating - Matchmaking and personal ads
  • Premium Email - Mail box with photo albums, briefcases, etc
  • Internet Access - Dail-up Internet access with Sina brand in CHina, US and Taiwan. Either purchasing access through service provider or co-branded with another partner
  • Online Games - Offers both casual games (through NetMarble partnership) and MMORPG games (through NC-Sina joint venture)

* Specific information about SINA China's channels and services will be provided upon request.